No change? No problem. Whether filling tires or grabbing a snack, 4thID can help your customers make vended purchases right from their smartphone. Customers get many payment choices, and Merchants experience higher sales with lower fees

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Control Vending Machines from your Phone

Users may take control of nearby machines via contactless vending, and eliminate the need to carry quarters or credit cards.

  • Users take control of nearby machines by simply tapping on an icon
  • Prices for using a machine are displayed prior to vending the machine
  • A user may unvend a machine if they wish to abandon the purchase process

Move away from Credit Cards

Many consumers prefer to pay with credit cards, but this can be expensive for low value transactions. Merchants may encourage alternative payment methods with price-based incentives.

  • 4thID allows for surcharges, permitting Merchants to charge more for credit card purchases
  • Alternatively, a Merchant may configure a discount for stored value or campus card purchase
  • This way, Consumers will be inclined to adopt the Merchant’s preferred payment methods

Configuration vending machine prices from Back Office Portal

Merchants would like to update prices on machines to adjust for inflation, encourage sales of slow moving items, or to set surcharges or discounts for certain payment methods. Sending a service technician to update prices can be expensive. 4thID, however, allows prices to be set directly from the Back Office portal.

  • Create pricing profiles within the 4thID Back Office Portal
  • Remotely update prices on machines via the 4htID Fob’s optional wifi connection
  • Use the Service Technician mobile app to update prices via BLE

Collect Real-time Telemetry

4thID remotely monitors each machine’s usage and health, providing real-time metrics to Route Operators.

  • Errors detected by the vending machine are automatically reported to 4thID servers
  • Machine temperature is reported on a recurring basis
  • All machine usage, including abandoned transactions, is recorded on behalf of the Route Operator

Manage vending machine inventory from Back Office Portal

Route Operators need to understand when their machines are running low on inventory, and ensure technicians have necessary product on-hand to restock machines.

  • Use the Service Technician app to record restocking amounts during service calls
  • Real-time telemetry updates our servers as individual products are purchased
  • Service Technicians and Back Office employees are notified as inventory runs low on each machine

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