Service Technician App

Designed specifically with the service technician in mind, the 4thID Service Technician App is simply the best developed service app the enables a route operator technician the ability to provision, monitor, schedule, and repair machines on-site or remotely.

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Provisioning and Configuration

The Service Technician App uses BLE to provision and configure 4thID Fobs, providing technicians a simple wireless tool for managing all machines within a laundromat.

  • A Fob is paired with a machine using just one tap
  • Configuration data on the fob is easily updated
  • Service Technician actions are fully audited 

Price Profile Management

Each laundromat is assigned a pricing profile, allowing prices spanning many laundromats to be updated by simply changing the prices within a profile.

  • Prices within a profile are synchronized to each 4thID Fob
  • These profiles are synchronized to 4thID Fobs via wifi or Service Technician App
  • New prices take effect immediately after being synchronized to the Fob

Diagnostics and Metrics

Service technicians may simplify their service calls by fetching machine diagnostics and metrics directly from the machine motherboard via the 4thID Fob

  • Fetch diagnostics directly from machine motherboard without opening machine
  • Issue commands from Service Technician App to test machine
  • Reboot machine motherboard directly from Service Technician App

Support Tickets

The 4thID platform includes an integrated support ticket mechanism allowing service technicians to prioritize their route on a daily basis

  • A dashboard shows all outstanding tickets in the service technician’s routes
  • Service Technician may also view tickets of others who are out sick or on vacation
  • Tickets may be prioritized by revenue/day, cycles/day, or distance to closest laundromat

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