The easiest way to manage laundry

4thID's coinless laundry solution offers a seamless and convenient experience for both customers and business owners.

The complete laundry solution

The 4thID laundry platform enables monitoring and reporting, allowing for improved efficiency and reliability of laundry facilities. These capabilities can be used by facility managers to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise. Additionally, the platform can be used to track usage and maintenance schedules, ensuring that the machines are always running at peak performance.

Features that maximize your laundry fleet

The 4thID property technology platform let’s owners and operators  of all types of businesses manage access, communication, vending, and more.

Contactless Vending

Customers can vend machines right from their phones. No more quarters, no more expensive credit card fees.

Enterprise Portal

Manage and monetize all your IoT devices from a single Back Office portal application.

In-App Messaging

Integrated messaging feature that enables quick communication to your residents and customers

Integrated Support Tickets

Allow consumers to report issues from their phone, and route approved tickets directly to service technicians.

Payment Processing

Choose from a variety of payment methods, including Stored Value, Campus Cards, Credit/Debit Cards, ACH, and more.

Queue Management

Maximize cycles per day while keeping your customers happy.

Remote Configuration

Eliminate the need to be on-site to diagnose machine issues or update vend pricing all while saving precious service technician’s time.

Remote Health Monitoring

Leverage remote telemetry from IoT devices to escalate health issues to employees and service technicians.


Provides your customers the ability of making sure machines are available at their convenience through our scheduling feature.

Service Technician Tools

A tablet-based service technician app permits the Route Operator employees to provision, manage, and repair IoT devices.



Shared Office


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