4thID Kiosk

For areas that require a customer facing kiosk for vended laundry, 4thID has a solution that will fit any environment.From standard floor kiosk to wall mount solutions, our kiosk app provides multiple features that allows a customer the same experience as our 4thID mobile device app.  

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No Phone, No Problem

Not all Consumers are expected to have smart phones, and others may have simply forgotten their phones at home. The Kiosk solution allows these users to continue without inconvenience.

  • Phone and Kiosk use the same username and password
  • User receives notification when their credentials are used with Kiosk
  • User may set preference in phone app to disable Kiosk logins

International Students and Union Rules

University environments tend to be unionized, with rules preventing employees from using their personal phones. And further, International students often have phone numbers which cannot be verified via OTP. These users therefore cannot create accounts using their personal phone numbers.

  • The Kiosk allows users to create accounts using email addresses
  • Users may later associate phone numbers to enable mobile app logins

Guest Mode

Some consumers may wish to use a laundromat without signing up for an account.

  • Users may proceed without first signing up for a 4thID account
  • These users may only pay with credit or debit cards
  • Merchants have the option of charging higher prices for anonymous users paying with credit/debit cards

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