Revenue Sharing

The 4thID Platform enables revenue sharing amongst various parties facilitating transactions. This includes the device manufacturer, property manager, route operator, and more.

Facilitating Parties

An organization which contributes to enabling a transaction is called a facilitating party. These parties may or may not expect to be paid for their contributions.

  • Device manufacturers are increasingly interested in transaction revenue conducted on their devices
  • Route Operators often expect to receive a percentage of transactions on machines they maintain

Types of Fees

The 4thID platform subtracts fees from transaction amounts before disbursing funds to Merchants. These fees are used to pay 4thID and other facilitating parties.

  • Transaction Fees are subtracted from each transaction amount
  • Merchants may be charged a monthly recurring fee as a substitute, or in addition to, transaction fees
  • Membership plans are a means of pre-paying at the start of the month for those transactions likely to incur during the month. Fees may be optionally deducted from the plan amount


The 4thID platform operates on a good funds model, and therefore transfers funds to Merchants upon receipt from the processor.  That is, we do not hold funds for float or other purpose.

  • Credit/debit card transactions are funded within 2 days
  • Stored Value transaction amounts are funded on same day
  • Merchants may choose their funding schedule based on funds availability, minimum transfer amount, or a recurring schedule of their choice