Remote Configuration

Remote IoT device configuration saves significant time and money by eliminating the need to send Service Technicians.

Pricing Profiles

Remotely update prices on IoT devices without sending service technicians

  • 4thID Fobs may be updated via wifi-enabled internet connection
  • Use the Back Office Portal to assign new or updated price profiles to a property or area
  • Updated prices are automatically synchronized to all relevant IoT devices

Maintenance Mode

Troublesome machines may be put into maintenance mode to prevent usage 

  • Machines report errors in real-time, as do Consumers
  • A Back Office Employee may put problematic machines into maintenance mode
  • Service Technicians are alerted when machines are in maintenance mode

Free Mode

A property manager may choose to put machines into free mode without sending a Service Technician 

  • Toggling a machine’s Free Mode status can be expensive when involving Service Technician
  • Back Office Portal allows toggling of Free Mode status without sending a technician
  • Every change to a machine’s free mode status is audited