Queue Management

Maximize cycles per day while keeping your customers happy

Sign Up Before Leaving Home

Consumers can view wait time for busy laundromats before leaving home 

  • The check-in process puts users into a queue.  
  • Our queues are first come, first serve 
  • Prevents crowds waiting for machines 

Accurate Wait Times

4thID uses real-time telemetry from machines to calculate estimated wait times

  • Real-time telemetry includes cycle started and time remaining in every cycle
  • We also capture idle time between cycles, to better predict wait times
  • Show estimated wait times on a per-store basis, and per queued user basis

Machine Ready Notifications

Consumers receive notifications on their phone indicating when cycles are ending, or queued cycles will be starting

  • Unnecessary wait times between cycles unnecessarily decreases revenue
  • Consumers receive notifications when their cycle is nearing completion
  • Queued users receive notifications when their assigned machines are about to become available

Bump Late Arrivals

Queued users are expected to claim assigned machines in a timely manner 

  • Our 4thID Fobs detect when queued users are near their assigned machines
  • An absent queued user is notified to acknowledge continued interest in machines
  • Absent and non-responsive users are bumped in the queue, and eventually removed

Maximize Revenue

Queues are a means of maximizing the number of laundry cycles per day for busy laundry areas. 

  • Users choose a location and time guaranteeing machine availability
  • Distributes users during surge activity
  • Reduces idle machine time between cycles