Membership Plans

Subscribe to membership plans to gain access to privileged areas, or control IoT devices without incurring transaction fees.

Enhance your Lease with privileged services

Allow access to privileged areas by enabling door access based on membership plan 

  • Restrict tenant access to certain areas unless subscribed to membership plan
  • A parking plan, for example, would restrict access to the parking garage
  • Enables ‘a-la-carte’ lease experience

Improved IoT Experience 

It may not be the best experience to continually require users to top-up their stored value account to interact with IoT devices

  • Users purchase a monthly or annual plan for a set number of cycles per month
  • Eliminate need to top-up stored value accounts
  • Allow plans to auto-renew, or automatically expire with a lease 

Maximize Revenue

Monetize properties by selling access to privileged areas 

  • Consider a membership plan as a means to enhance your lease
  • Consumers pay in advance for services
  • Reduce transaction fees