Integrated Support Tickets

The integration of monitoring, monetization, and support into a single platform allows for more efficient repairs.

Ticket Creation

Support Tickets may be created from a number of sources

  • Consumers may report issues directly from their mobile app 
  • Service Technicians may create tickets via the Service Technician App 
  • Employees may create tickets directly using the Back Office Portal

Ticket Routing

Tickets are automatically routed to service technicians responsible for associated areas. 

  • Tickets may be assigned to individual service technicians 
  • Service Technicians may view tickets for others who are out sick or on vacation 
  • A complete audit trail is maintained on who assigns tickets to others 

Ticket Prioritization

It is important to maintain maximum cycles per day, or maximum revenue by day.  As such, Service Technicians may sort tickets by lost cycles or revenue. 

  • A Service Technician has ability to prioritize tickets for machines with highest revenue
  • It is also possible to prioritize tickets by number of cycles per day or priority
  • The Service Technician may also sort tickets by distance from current location

Ticket Dashboard

Dashboards provide Service Technicians and Back Office Employees an overview of outstanding issues and the corresponding estimated lost revenue 

  • Shows single view of outstanding tickets by property, property manager, and service technician
  • Includes such metrics as average ticket duration and urgency
  • Estimates lost cycles and revenue by ticket, property, property manager, and service technician

Sharing Pictures

Pictures are an important means of communicating issues with machines 

  • Consumers use the 4thID mobile app to upload photos of problematic machines
  • Service Technicians may also upload images to share with co-workers
  • Back Office Employees have access to all pictures associated with tickets 

Leaving Notes for Others

Employees may leave notes for co-workers, providing a history of comments on a per-ticket basis.

  • Service Technicians may attach notes to tickets, sharing their experiences
  • Especially important when reassigning tickets to other Service Technicians 

Consumer Input and Notification

The 4thID Consumer App allows users to report issues with specific machines, and to receive feedback when tickets are resolved

  • Consumers are often the first to know of issues with various IoT devices 
  • As such, users may report issues directly from the 4thID Consumer app 
  • Ticket status is reported back to the 4thID Consumer app, showing appreciation for the Consumer taking time to report issues