Health Monitoring

Automatically escalate IoT health issues to back office employees and service technicians.

Remotely Detect Error Codes

The 4thID Fob detects machine errors and proactively alerts Consumers, Service Technicians, and Back Office employees  

  • Service Technicians are informed of machines requiring attention
  • Back Office employees identify error trends with problematic machines
  • Consumers are alerted in real-time of errors, and recommended solution.  Most common scenario is to inform the user to ensure door is securely closed

Cycle Temperatures

The 4thID Fob sends real-time telemetry every minute of a cycle, including current and max temperature for each cycle.

  • Proactively alert Service Technicians of machines running unexpectedly hot
  • Maintain temperature history for every machine
  • Allow machines to be taken offline so they may cool down

Automatic Ticket Generation

Machines reporting serious issues will result in automatic support ticket creation

  • Service technician is automatically notified of all serious issues
  • Problematic machines can be taken offline until repaired
  • Back Office will track time between error detection and resolution

Health Reports

Service Technicians and Back Office employees are provided dashboards showing overall health of IoT devices 

  • Service Technician App has a dashboard showing overall health of assigned IoT devices 
  • Back Office Portal provides reports of overall IoT health