Contactless Vending

Control vending machines from your phone.

Auto-discover nearby machines

The 4thID app automatically discovers nearby machines, making it easy to take control.

  • Nearby machines automatically appear in 4thID App
  • Prices are fetched from the machine and displayed
  • Tap on a machine icon to take control

Vending and Unvending a Machine

Vending a machine enables the user to start the purchase process

  • Vending a machine allows the user to select a product on the machine
  • Payment is processed upon selection 
  • Unvending aborts the process

Cycle Updates with Real-Time Telemetry

Laundry cycles are time consuming and have variable duration.  Users appreciate knowing exactly when their cycles will end. 

  • 4thID receives real-time telemetry from machines
  • Mobile app provides real-time dashboard for remaining cycle times  
  • Consumers receive real-time notifications when cycles are ending 

Eliminate Expensive Credit Card Readers

Credit card readers are expensive and incur high transaction fees.  Coin operated machines are also expensive to operate.

  • 4thID Fob is a low-cost replacement for the Credit Card Reader 
  • Consumers may still pay by credit card, or many other schemes 
  • Our transaction rates are amongst the lowest in the industry

No Downtime

The 4thID mobile app communicates directly with the 4thID Fob within the machine, and can be configured to optionally work without internet connectivity

  • Lack of cell service or wifi connectivity can bring coinless laundromat to a standstill
  • 4thID can be configured to work even when no internet is available
  • All transactions will be ‘caught up’ when 4thID mobile app regains network access
  • This is an optional configuration which many merchants will appreciate