Consumer App

Give your tenants and customers a single application that is supported on any app driven device (iOS, Android)that will enable them their mobile access credentials, mobile vending, scheduling, and much more.

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Eliminate key access cards and fobs

Consumers are continually losing their access cards and fobs, which not only creates an inconvenience but hefty replacement costs.

  • 4thID enables phones to replace access cards and fobs
  • This is especially useful for granting guest access
  • Removes significant cost of purchasing and replacing access cards and fobs

Auto-discover nearby machines

The 4thID Consumer App automatically discovers nearby machines which may be controlled via the app.

  • Nearby devices with embedded 4thID Fobs will automatically appear in consumer app
  • There is no need to scan QR codes or type in machine numbers to find machines

Contactless Vending

Users may take control of nearby machines via contactless vending, and eliminate the need to carry quarters or credit cards.

  • Users take control of nearby machines by simply tapping on an icon
  • Prices for using a machine are displayed prior to vending the machine
  • A user may unvend a machine if they wish to abandon the vending process

Laundry machine wait times

Accurate wait times for machines are provided using real-time telemetry. This informs users of expected wait time checking into the 4thID queuing system. This same telemetry is used to accurately inform users of remaining wait time once in the queue.

  • A fully utilized laundry area has a wait time before the next machine becomes available
  • A user may place themselves in a queue for an area to be assigned next available machine
  • The mobile app provides a remaining wait time before a machine is assigned to the user

Subscribe to Membership Plans

Membership plans allow users to access to privileged areas within a property, or ability to run laundry cycles without paying on a per-use basis.

  • Merchants may eliminate per-use transaction fees by providing Membership Plans
  • Membership Plans may provide access to privileged areas, or allow vending of machines
  • This is similar to an ‘Amazon Prime’ plan for IoT devices

Load your payment methods

Consumers may load their payment methods to streamline payment when controlling various IoT devices.

  • The 4thID Stored Value platform allows users to load funds to their account
  • Students enter their campus cards into the Consumer app to use devices on campus
  • Some merchants may allow credit and debit cards to vend machines, but at a surcharge

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