4thID Fob

Our patent pending 4thID Fob provides contactless payments with approved devices, allowing for contactless payment, wireless configuration, and remote monitoring.

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Vending Machine Integration

This device works by plugging into the credit card communications port within your existing vending machine.

  • Current implementation replaces the credit card reader
  • The next iteration will allow daisy chaining the credit card reader and 4thID Fob
  • Your customers may continue to pay via credit card reader, or leverage contactless vending (with next iteration fob)

Contactless Vending

The Fob communicates directly with consumer mobile phones via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allowing the Consumer or Service Technician to remotely take control of the vending machine.

  • The Consumer App and Service Technician App vend machines via BLE
  • These apps also fetch machine status, remaining time in cycle, and other metrics via BLE
  • The Service Technician App used BLE to configure and update new 4thID Fobs

Real-time Telemetry

The 4thID Fob sends real-time telemetry to the 4thID servers, to allow for real-time health monitoring and collection of numerous metrics

  • Real time telemetry is only sent if wifi is enabled on the Fob
  • Telemetry includes cycle status, remaining time in cycle, machine temperature, and more
  • Back Office Portal and Service Technician App have access to this telemetry

Remote Management and Diagnostics

Fobs are initially configured using the Service Technician App. Most management tasks, however, can then be conducted remotely from the Back Office Portal.

  • Both the Service Technician App and Back Office Portal communicate with Fobs via wifi
  • Apps can remotely set new prices on every wifi-enabled fob without a service call
  • Apps may also remotely fetch diagnostic information directly from vending machine motherboard

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